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Have you ever wanted to level up your Pokémon Go game but don’t have the time or energy to do so? Well, with PGSharp, you can do just that! PGSharp is a specialized tool developed to help Pokémon Go players automate their gameplay so they can focus on the main aspects of the game. Let’s take a look at what this tool has to offer and how it can help you reach the next level in your gaming experience.

What Is PGSharp?

PGSharp has automatic features for the Pokémon Go game that allow users to simulate playing the game without going physically anywhere. This means that you can automate your gameplay, such as catching Pokémons, spinning Pokéstops, and hatching eggs without actually having to go out into the real places. The tool also offers a Pokemon name generator, auto incubator, hide trainer name and many more.

How Does It Work?

PGSharp works by using an artificial intelligence (AI) system called “Spatial Analysis“. This AI system monitors where Pokémons are located in the real world and then simulates playing the game based on those locations. The AI system also takes into account factors such as weather conditions and time of day in order to optimize its performance while playing on behalf of its user. In addition, users can customize their avatars’ looks, set up schedules for when they want their avatar to play for them, and even use special features such as “auto-catch” or “auto-spin” which will automatically catch or spin Pokéstops without any input from the user.

DeveloperPGSharp Dev Team
Current Version1.136.0
Update Date January 20, 2024
Supported OSAndroid
Required Android Version9+
Required RAM4 GB
File Size317 MB
Root RequiredNo

Features of PGSharp


The joystick lets you walk to nearby locations without moving physically.

Spoofing Location

Spoofing is the key ability, which let’s you play from any location. To play from your actual location. You can travel anywhere of the world.

Enhanced Throw

This feature will allow you to throw any type of throw you want.

Nice: Always a Nice throw, 20 XP.
Great: Always a Great throw, 100XP.
Excellent: Always an Excellent throw, 1000XP.

(If more than one is activated the better will override)

Curveball: Will always give you a Curveball bonus no matter how you throw the ball, 10XP.
“AR+”: Gives an extra 300xp every catch as if you were playing in AR mode, 300 XP.
100% Hit: Can throw or drop the ball anywhere on the screen, and will always count as a hit.

(Note, 100% hit is not 100% catch.)

Auto Feed Pinap: Will automatically feed a Pinap Berry to a wild Pokémon. (as long as you have them.)


A map feature enables you to find the best spoofing spots by using a magnifying glass. You can tap on the map screen to teleport or walk to different locations, customize your routes, mark favorite locations, and check Pokéstops and gyms in your current location and the location where you want to be teleported.

1 – Your location
2/3/4 – Tap to show nearby Pokéstops/ gyms/raids.
5 – Tap to open the favourites section
6 – Tap to import GPX files
7 – Tap to centre your location on the screen
8 – Tap to add a second point, to make a custom route
9 –
Tap to add the location to your favourites
10 – Display empty/occupied slots in the gym
11 – Tap to view the raid directly

Nearby Radar

You can select Pokémon from the bar that is appearing on the map near you. By tapping a Pokémon on the bar, you can instantly teleport or walk to that location to catch the Pokémon directly.

1 – Selects what Pokémon you want to show up on the Nearby Radar. Select “All Possible Shiny” if you want it to scan for any possible shiny Pokémon.
2 – Allows you to choose a specific type of Pokémon you want to search for (useful for catching a specific type quest).
3 – Turns on the Shiny Scanner feature.
4 – Only shows shiny Pokémon that you come across on the Nearby Radar Bar. (Premium Members can only see)
5 – Shows the Pokémon on the map in their shiny form.
6 – Allows you to receive phone notifications when a shiny on the map appears.
7 – If you are walking around and a shiny appears on the map, it will stop you until you resume walking yourself or catch the shiny Pokémon.
8 – Will pause the VGP when a shiny Pokémon appears on the map so you are able to catch it before the VGP attempts to.

Auto Incubator

The auto incubator feature will automatically incubate your eggs based on the setting you choose. The “Shortest First” setting prioritizes eggs with the shortest incubation time, while “Longest First” focuses on eggs with the longest incubation time. Once an egg hatches, the app will automatically put another egg in, depending on the setting selected.

Please note: that this feature will only use the free unlimited incubator.

Instant Beat Team Rocket

The feature enables you to quickly defeat all Team Rocket members, bosses (Arlo, Cliff, Sierra) and Giovanni without engaging in actual combat. The first Pokémon you select for the battle loses only one HP per battle.

Block Non-Shiny

When you enable this feature, you won’t be able to catch non-shiny Pokemon. It will not let you in on the encounter screen.

Cooldown Timer

The cooldown period starts when you teleport from one place to another and do some activity. The timer displays the remaining time and tapping on it will show your cooldown history.

This update came in 2021

Cooldown Chart

Features Comparison: Free vs Standard Edition


How to Download PGSharp Apk

Downloading is very easy, don’t do anything just press the download button below and pgsharp apk will start downloading.

How to Install PGSharp on Android Device

  1. To install PGSharp on your Android device, you need to download apk file from the above button.
  2. After downloading the apk file, click on it for installing the pgsharp.
  3. Give Unknown Source Installation permission to that which you are using to download the apk in my case it’s Chrome.
  4. A popup will come and ask you “Do you want to install this application” Click on the “Install” button and boom, your application has been installed.
  5. Two options on your screen are “Done” & “Open“. Select according to you.

How to Install PGSharp on a PC

  1. You can also enjoy the services of PGSharp on your Windows PC/Laptop. For that, you will need an Android emulator for this purpose and PGSharp apk file.
  2. Download and install BlueStacks or any other Android emulator on your PC.
  3. After the installation of the Android Emulator. Right-click on the PGSharp apk and “Open with Bluestack” (or whatever emulator you have downloaded) or else you can drag and drop too.
  4. Once the Apk file is successfully installed, enjoy!

PGSharp Activation Key


How to Update PGSharp?

Updating PGSharp app is very simple but you might be a little bit confused about how will you update this app because there is no update option inside the pgsharp. Here we go ->

  • Whenever an update arrives you will get a pop-up message when you open the app (just like the below image).
  • Click on the update button and it redirects you to the web browser for downloading the latest version of pgsharp apk.
  • After downloading, install the apk file just like you did before. Enjoy!!

How to Uninstall PGSharp

I know I know it’s a very obvious thing but as we are covering every topic related to PGSharp so, we have to cover this as well. But many people don’t know how to uninstall because sometimes an extra step gets added anyways let’s start with the uninstalling guide.

  • Long press the PGSharp app, and you will get a pop-up like this (referring to the below image).
  • Click on the “Dustbin icon” uninstall option.
  • They will ask again to click on uninstall button, press on that and the app will be deleted and all the app data will be cleared.
Note: Basics steps are same but every phone has it's own UI so, uninstalling experience might be little different.

Alternatives of PGSharp


Is PGSharp Safe?

Yes, PGSharp is 100% safe. You don’t need to worry about any viruses or malware, install tension-free.

Can You Get Banned Using PGSharp?

Probably not, if you use it carefully. Well, you can get a soft ban but that’s very common. No need to worry.

Does PGSharp work on iOS?

No, PGSharp is not compatible with iOS. You cannot run it on an iPhone.

Can you have PGSharp and Pokemon Go Together?

Definitely not, as they use the same package so it’s not possible to have Pokemon Go and PGSharp on the same device.


PGSharp is a great way for Pokémon Go players who don’t have much time or energy left after work or school to still enjoy some of the benefits of playing the game by automating certain parts of it. Whether you’re looking for a way to level up quickly or just want an extra edge over your competitors, PGSharp could be just what you need! With its easy-to-use interface and powerful AI system, this automated tool could be just what you need to take your gaming experience to new heights. So why not give it a try today? You won’t regret it!

Any feedback? The comment section is open, you can tell us there and will consider it.

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