Top Pokemon Predictions in Pokemon Go 2024

In 2024, Pokémon GO is expected to see some massive releases and new mechanics. Based on trends and leaks, here are some predictions for what players might encounter in the game.

Disclaimer: This article's information source is from the MYSTIC7 YouTube channel and half of the 2023 predictions were correct.

Galar Region Pokémon

Rookie Scorbunny and Sobble

Rookie, Scorbunny, and Sobble: These starters are likely to be introduced, with their evolutions offering varied CP and types.

  • Sobble’s Evolution: Drizzile to Intellion, a pure water type with a max CP of 3,351.
  • Grookey’s Evolution: Thwackey to Rillaboom, a pure grass type with a max CP of 3,758.
  • Scorbunny’s Evolution: Raboot to Cinderace, a pure fire type with a max CP of 3,428.

Other Galarian Pokémon

  • Expect more releases from the Galar region throughout the year.

Other Predicted Releases


Pokemon grandpa

As you can see it’s literally on the loading screen and according to me, it’s kinda confirmed.

  • A dual normal and dragon type with a max CP of nearly 3,300, possibly released in raids.

Unova Starters

  • Samurott: Already released.
  • Serperior and Emboar: Expected to be released soon, possibly during raid days.

Mega Lucario

mega lucario
  • Anticipated as one of the main Mega releases. It’s a Fan Favourite Mega Pokemon as well.

Pokemon Go creators make this Pokemon exclusive initially and but later on it will become easier to hunt. Like they do with the rest of the Pokemon.

Scarlet and Violet Era Pokémon

Kidon and Maridon
  • Kidon and Maridon: Key legendaries from the Paldea region, with high CP and unique typings.
  • Annihilape: It will be a bit of a monster Pokemon maxing out at 3695 CP with a dual type of fighting and ghost so it could be useful in the game for sure. Likely to be released during a Mankey Community Day or Halloween event cause it’s kinda of spooky.
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Annihilape

Black and White Kyurem: The Legendary Pokemon

Kyurem pokemon go

It is 100% confirmed that Kyurem is coming but how do I know? Because it was accidentally released and then removed from the player’s accounts by Niantic, which conceptually is insane. This Pokémon is expected to be officially released soon.

It will be an absolute monster Pokemon with maxed-out CP 5026 and Ice type.



As many of you know necrozma came in the official trailer along with many pokemons that were yet to be released in 2022 but necrozma still has not arrived in the game. Whenever it comes to the game it will be a pure psychic type with a max CP of 4,163, likely to be released in raid battles.

Mimikyu: The Most Overdue Pokemon


Mimikyu has to be released in 2023 as its leaks came out in 2022 4th quarter but it’s still not released yet. It will be a dual ghost and fairy type with a max CP of 2,516, potentially released during a Halloween event.

Sinnoh Region Focus

Sinnoh Tour Event

These pokemons are also confirmed they will be released in the upcoming Sinnoh tour event that is in February. every year a single generation is focused and there is a huge event put on to celebrate the generation called a tour event.

Every time a tour event comes around every single Pokemon from that generation and their shinies are released which logically means if 2024 is a Sinnoh tour every single Pokemon from the Sinnoh generation will need to be released & released shiny by the end of February. And this includes 3 huge ones.

Manaphy and phione
  • Manaphy: A pure water-type mythical Pokemon with a max CP of 3,691.
  • Phione: Another cute water type with a max CP of 2,380.
  • Arceus: Highly anticipated, possibly released in February 2024. Most probably it will be an exclusive mythical Pokemon that you will find in Master Task research and it will be a difficult research with a big reward.

Hail Mary Predictions

Paradox Pokémon

  • Futuristic versions of existing Pokémon, potentially requiring a new mechanic for release.

Shiny Galarian Birds

  • An update to the daily incense feature with the introduction of shiny Galarian birds.

Cowboy Hat Caterpie

  • A fun, yet unlikely, cosmetic addition.

You will get events in future where you can evolve them and first event is coming in the month of Januaray.


These predictions for Pokémon GO in 2024 suggest an exciting year ahead with new releases, mechanics, and events. Stay tuned for updates and confirmations as the year progresses.

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