Is Pokemon Go Dead in 2024? – What Player Says

Pokemon Go is not dead, but it has undoubtedly lost its popularity with time. If you look at the overall trend, it’s a decline. Pokemon Go was launched on 6 July 2016, but the graph shows data from 1 August 2017. In 2016, the Pokemon Go trend was at an all-time high, so if we look at the trend chart, you will find a massive decline, which is not the right way to look at the data.

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Pokemon Go trend

What are the Potential Reasons?

  1. Popularity Over the Years: Pokémon Go has been popular since its launch in 2016, with various features like new Pokémon generations, shinies, raids, and PvP keeping players engaged. However, the video suggests that the game has lost its appeal recently.
  2. Lack of Incentives: The video argues that there’s currently a lack of compelling reasons to play. Features like remote raids, which were popular during the pandemic, have been scaled back, reducing players’ motivation.
  3. New Features Underwhelming: Recent features introduced by Niantic, such as routes showcases, shadow raids, and the party-up feature, are criticized for being unexciting, buggy, or poorly implemented.
  4. Pandemic vs. Post-Pandemic Gameplay: The game saw significant changes during the pandemic, making it more accessible and enjoyable for players at home. However, reverting these changes post-pandemic led to a decline in player satisfaction.
  5. Event Quality Decline: Recent events are seen as repetitive and less engaging, with a focus on less desirable aspects like costume Pokémon.
  6. Niantic’s Decisions and Game Quality: The video criticizes Niantic for investing in new projects instead of improving Pokémon Go, leading to a perceived decline in game quality and community disconnect.
  7. PvP as a Positive Aspect: Despite the criticisms, the video acknowledges that the PvP aspect of the game is well-received and continuously improved.
  8. YouTube Community Trends: The decline in Pokémon Go content views and creator engagement on YouTube is seen as indicative of the game’s waning popularity.
  9. Future Outlook: Despite the current state, the video expresses hope that Niantic will introduce new, engaging features to revive the game. It emphasizes that Pokémon Go has a dedicated player base and has rebounded from similar situations in the past.


In conclusion, Pokemon Go is facing temporary downtime, it’s not like this game cannot revive it’s just that Niantic has to make some attractive changes that can bring inactive players back to the game. Well, the game is not dead it’s just become stagnant and less engaging for the players. Niantic can bring the game back as it’s been 25 successful years of the Pokemon brand which is incredible.

Source: There have been various sources like Reddit, YouTube, Quora & Many other websites. Chatgpt has been used to analyse data and create key points.

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