How to Download & Install SpooferX on iOS Device

As you know, Pokemon Go is a highly trending gaming application these days. Everybody wants to cache new Pokemon in one go or as soon as possible. So, for that location spoofing or faking a location is the only solution.

There are many applications available for spoofing locations on iOS or android devices. Spooferx is one of those, and it is available for iOS devices only. It helps the binge players of the game to locate the rarest Pokemon in the game very soon. That too without any waiting time.

I personally use the Spooferx application to explore the new and rarest Pokemon while walking and playing Pokemon go. Let me share an honest and detailed review of it.

What is Spooferx?

As we conclude, the name, Spooferx, is one of the location spoofing applications used in the game Pokemon Go. It is designed and developed for iOS Pokemon Go lovers only. Here I want to share a secret with you. This spoofing is actually considered cheating.

It allows you to teleport or spoof your location in the Pokemon go game. However, you can walk in the same area. With this, you will be able to explore and locate new Pokemon. Moreover, you can get the rarest Pokemon as well. It is compatible with iOS and above.

Spooferx is not only an alternative to iPoGo for the POGO app. It also has many features that help you to explore and play the Pokemon Go app very conveniently. Let me count a few features of Spooferx, like fast catch trick, IV checkings, Auto walking, GPX, live feed and map, joystick, and free teleport.

Current Version0.235.0-0.54
Jailbreak RequiredNot Necessarily
RAM Required2 GB
File Size127 MB

Features of SpooferX

Now you are well aware of the Spooferx app, let me share some features of it with you as mentioned below: –

Spoofing location: – The Spooferx app will help you to trick the Pokemon Go into teleporting into different locations. This trick is only used to catch Pokemon. You can even catch the rare ones too.

Fast map load & FPS: – the game server helps to load the maps faster while you are moving around to locate and catch the Pokemon. It has a 60 FPS load time that helps to run it very smoothly and without any abruption.

Show Joystick: – With the use of a joystick, you can move around freely and at your own pace. You can change the walking or moving speed using the joystick given in the app.

Team Rocket: –  rather than fighting with pokemon single-handedly, you can use it to hit, destroy and defeat Pokemon. So, it helps you to win the game easily.

There are many more features but we have mentioned few of them.

SpooferX Full Comparison: STARTER vs PRO

Fake GPS Location✔️✔️
Show Joystick✔️✔️
User Speed✔️✔️
IV Previews✔️✔️
Enabled Modified Throw✔️✔️
Maximum FPS✔️✔️
Block Non-Shiny✔️
Block Non-Hundo✔️
Fast Catch✔️
Freeze Pokemon✔️
Remember Last Ball✔️
Use My Ball – Poké Ball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball✔️
Fast Map Load✔️
Skip Animation✔️
Team Rocket – One Hit✔️
Virtual Go Plus✔️
Nearby Live Feed✔️
PokeX Live Feed✔️
Spawn Booster✔️
Auto Feed Buddy✔️
Remove AR Scan Quests✔️
Cooldown Warnings✔️

SpooferX Screenshot

How to Download SpooferX for iOS Device?

Boom! So you have made up your mind to download the Spooferx application on your iOS device. But you might be in confusion about how to install it without jailbreak after downloading the file. Don’t worry let me share step by step guide for it but before sharing the guide download the IPA file.

How to Install Spooferx on iOS Device?

Now, you have downloaded the Spooferx IPA file for iOS device and you have to load that file in your mobile. You need to install it to use it and its features. Follow the steps mentioned below to install the Spooferx app.

#Sideloadly Method

Download – Sideloadly

  1. Run Sideloadly
  2. Plug in your iOS Device
  3. Drag the IPA to sideloadly
  4. Press Start
  5. Login with a VALID Apple ID
  6. Wait until it says done.
  7. Unplug your iOS Device
  8. Go to Settings->General->Profile & Device Management
  9. Trust the App from your Email
  10. Open the App, enter Key, and Play
Note: You will have to do this again every 7 days, or if new IPA is available and use the latest one.

#Altstore Method

  1. Install iTunes (Win32 Not UWP)
  2. Download AltStore Use the link for your operating system.
  3. Right-click the zip you just downloaded and click “Extract All” Wait until this finishes.
  4. Double-click “Setup.exe” and follow the on-screen instructions provided by AltStore.
  5. Press the Windows key, type “AltServer” and open the application.
  6. Click the arrow icon near the network icon in the taskbar. This will bring up a menu with multiple icons.
  7. Look for a diamond-shaped logo that says AltServer when mousing over it. Click on it.
  8. From the option brought up, hover over Install AltStore, and select your iOS device.
  9. Enter your Apple ID and password when prompted.
  10. On your iOS device, open Settings → General → Device Management and tap on your Apple ID.
  11. Trust AltStore.
  12. Tap the “Open in AltStore” button located above.
  13. If prompted, sign into the same Apple ID you used before.
  14. AltStore will now install the app. Wait until it finishes.
  15. Open SpooferX

Alternative of SpooferX

Is Spooferx Safe?

This one is a really trending and tough question to answer. Here, I would emphasize understanding what it actually is and how safe it is. As mentioned earlier, there is no jailbreak required to download and install the app on iOS. So, we can consider it safe from this aspect.

However, I want to ask you, how can cheating be safe or guilt-free?

This question doesn’t mean that we are stopping you from using this app. Rather I would recommend you to consider all the factors yourself and make up your mind on your own.


Is SpooferX available for android?

No, SpooferX is not available on android. But in the future, they might release it for android

Is SpooferX better than iPogo?

As I use an android phone so, it is easy to install the pokemon go spoofing app and I personally use PGsharp and iPogo both. SpooferX and iPogo have the same features and the same pricing for VIP but SpooferX is not available for android. Rest you can decide which one would be best for you.


Spooferx is an application developed to cheat in a game named Pokemon Go. So, it is always on your conscience if you want to cheat in that game or want to play fair.

I am the one who prefers to be the one who always plays fair. But I must say that one should think about it consciously considering all the aspects and decide on your own. However, you can try it once or twice just to explore and then once in a blue moon.

Moreover, the addiction to such cheats is not good. So, I suggest you use it consciously.

Information Source Credit: SpooferX

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