How to Install Pokemod on Your Android Phone

The game Pokemon GO is very popular among the youth. This game has already been facilitated with some spoofing features to help the players to go all the way in the game.

This experience can be further enhanced with the help of Pokemod, a facility to help the players of Pokemon GO play more efficiently.

Thus, to know more about Pokemod, go through this article and get to know what is Pokemod, what features it comprises of, and how to install it?  

What is Pokemod?

Pokemod is a modified app that enhances your Pokemon Go gameplay. It is also like any other Pokemon Go mod app which comes with lots of features like perfect throw, shiny scanner and most importantly location spoofer with joystick, etc.

Experience the joy of server-side seamless and instant updates by getting the latest modules the moment they are released. No waiting, no desperation.

Pokemod is made by The Pokemod Group, which was formed in early 2019. This is a group of friends that is solely made up to form and develop the technical programs for the game Pokemon GO. 

The objective of Pokemod is to increase the gaming level for the enjoyment of the players. Thus, Pokemod gives the players a very exciting gaming experience for Pokemon GO, more specifically for Android users like something that was never experienced before.

DeveloperThe Pokemod Group
Current Version5.9.0
Supported OSAndroid
Required RootYes
Required Android Version7+
File Size30 MB

Features of Pokemod

Perfect Throw

This feature guarantees a customized ball with an excellent throw. 

Through this feature, the balls which are missed during the game can be recovered now. 

Shiny Scanner

This scanner helps to scan the surroundings to find any shiny material on the map. It also includes a notification that if gets clicked on then teleports you above the Pokemon immediately. 


This spawn booster increases the radius and the speed of loading by locating the Pokemon immediately. 


Tweaks allow you to get access to the storage. It also reveals all the prizes that you won in the quests. 


Earlier sending gifts used to take a long time but now gifts can be sent and received immediately, with a single click only.  

Speed Mode

This mode tends to skip a lot of more animations, dialogues, egg hatching, and other notifications. 

It also lets you select the greatest number of every item in your bag. 


Teleporting is a very sought-after quality that a player needs in the game. Thus, this feature of teleporting allows the player to teleport anywhere within the game at the click of a finger.

Instant Catch

This feature helps to catch the Pokemon easily, after which the player can exit the game immediately. 

Performance Mode

This mode helps to decrease lagging and overheating by decrementing the quality and effects of the game’s visuals.  


This feature gives a stronger online GO Plus which is very speedy. It also includes some additional characteristics like auto-catch, auto-spin, and auto-reconnect.

Inventory Tweaks

Inventory tweaks allow you to transfer a huge amount of assets to the inventory of Pokemon. 

Incognito Mode

The Incognito Mode replaces your IGN with a generic one that has the greatest number of views. 


A headshot means an aim for a shot in the head or at the center. So, this phrase implies that the throws can be directly made at the center of all the Pokemon without trying to aim at the target. 


Tamagotchi feeds your buddy in case he gets hungry. It also opens the souvenir that is located by your buddy, it plays, takes photos, and will battle with you. 

Instant Spin

This feature spins the Pokestop with a single touch. 

These are some of the characteristics that have been entailed in pokemod.

Pokemod Full Comparison: LITE vs PRO

Important Tips:

Disable Game Booster for a better experience.

➜ Never hide Pokemod in MagiskHide or select it in Denylist as it won’t work because it needs superuser permission.

➜ Pokemod doesn’t work in emulators, cloned or modified PoGO apps. Hence no support will be given in these mentioned scenarios.

How to Download Pokemod

Downloading pokemod file is easy but the installation procedure is a little lengthy and might be confusing for some users. But don’t worry we have prepared the installation procedure below so that users can install pokemod on their phone easily.

How to Install Pokemod on Android Phones & TV

A rooted device is required to run this application.

  • Download pokemod apk from the above button.
  • Click on the apk file and start installing it.
  • Once installed, give that app root permission and start using it.


Requires a rooted (passing SafetyNet) android device or a rooted (passing SafetyNet) ATV (Android TV box)


  • Visit Atlas Homepage.
  • Register with your real email and password.
  • Save the device token that you got after registration.

Device configuration

  • Download the latest Atlas APK.
  • Grant root permissions to Atlas app. ͏ ͏ 
  • Fill in your email, device auth token and RDM-specific info (you can read about RDM setup here).
  • ͏Start the service.


  • Go to Atlas Payment Page. 
  • Select the amount of licenses you need for all your devices; ͏ ͏ 
  • Press Buy and go to Stripe checkout; ͏ ͏ 
  • Enter your payment details and confirm the purchase.

Device activation ͏ ͏ 

  • Go to your Devices Dashboard; ͏ ͏ 
  • Select all devices that you wish to activate
  • Click on the 🔑 icon at the top and confirm batch activation.

Magisk Prompt Didn’t Show up on the Screen to Grant Superuser Rights to Pokemod, What Should I Do?

  1. Go to Magisk app and tap on the shield tab on the bottom menu.
  2. You’ll see the superuser screen, then simply select Pokemod there. If Pokemod app is not in there then GPS Joystick is, most likely, blocking the response prompt.
  3. Close the joystick, reinstall Pokemod then grant the rights.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you need to buy a subscription to avail the services of Pokemod?

If you want to get the functionaries provided in the pro subscription, then you can take the subscription and enjoy the game more happily.

Is Pokemod safe to use?

Well, the fun fact is your device is rooted 😏. Now you know what I mean.

Is Pokemod good enough to get a better hold on the game Pokemon GO?

Pokemod is a spoofer that is made to make the game easy and enhance the gaming view of the players in Pokemon GO. 

Wrap Up

Just like other developments, Pokemod has also helped players to get a better experience in the game. With the culmination of so many features within it, Pokemod has enriched the gaming experience of many players. This has made the founders proud of their invention and so thus the users.

If you have any topic related to pokemon go mods, or spoofers then let us know, we will definitely try to cover that topic in an easy way so that you guys understand. We are open to your feedback as well.

Information Source Credit: | Pokemod Discord Channel

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