Download and Install iSpoofer App on iOS Devices for Free

Have you ever wondered how to change your location in Pokemon Go on your iPhone without actually moving? That’s where iSpoofer comes in! Today, we’re diving into how you can install iSpoofer on your iOS device without spending a dime. Trust me, it’s easier than you think, and it opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Stick around, and you’ll be spoofing your way to new locations in no time!

What is iSpoofer?

iSpoofer is a mod application of Pokemon Go. It allows players to virtually transport themselves to different locations in the world to catch rare Pokémon, participate in battles, and collect resources without physically moving. It offers many features like auto feed, shiny scanner, enhanced throw & many more.

iSpoofer was started in 2018 and till now they have changed their logo 3 times. There is more interesting information about this app as they got sued by Niantic, They were very popular back in time because ispoofer didn’t need a PC or singulos to install this app. Installing iSpoofer is easy and is one of the best Pokemon mod apps for iOS devices.

Jailbreak RequiredNo
Supported Operating SystemiOS

Features of iSpoofer

ispoofer features

1. Teleportation

This feature allows users to instantly change their location in the app to any desired spot in the world. By simply entering the coordinates or picking a location on the map, users can virtually be in any location without physically moving.

2. Joystick

The joystick feature adds a virtual joystick on the screen, enabling users to simulate movement in any direction from their current location. It’s useful for users who wish to roam around a particular area without the need to teleport constantly.

3. Shiny Scanner & Block Non-Shiny

This is especially relevant to games like Pokémon GO, where shiny variants of Pokémon are highly sought after. The Shiny Scanner can scan and identify if a Pokémon is shiny before the user tries to catch it. The “Block Non-Shiny” feature can be used to filter out regular Pokémon so that only shiny ones appear on the user’s map or screen, making it easier to target and capture them.

4. Fast Map Load

With this feature, users can quickly load up the map of any region, ensuring that the user experience remains smooth and uninterrupted. It minimizes the waiting time that usually comes with loading different parts of the map.

5. Spawn Booster

This feature allows you to see Pokémons that are farther away from you in anyplace!

6. Auto Arrangement

This feature can be used to automatically organize or categorize items by removing unwanted items from the inventory.

iSpoofer Pricing & Features Comparison

ispoofer VIP Pricing


How to Download iSpoofer on iOS

To download the iSpoofer app on an iOS device is simple. You just need to click on the below button and you’re downloading will start.

How to Install iSpoofer App on iPhone

Installing the iSpoofer app on an iPhone or any iOS device is super easy and seriously, I haven’t seen any app that would install so smoothly on an iOS device.

  • Firstly click on this link. After clicking on this link ispoofer will start downloading on your iPhone.
  • Once your app is installed, click on that and you get a pop-up like this (below image).
  • To fix this, go to settings>VPN & Device Management>Click on Not Trusted App.
  • After following all the steps, it will look something like this (Above Image).
  • Now, you can open the app successfully!
Remember: To play on iSpoofer you need to login through Trainer Club only.

How to Update iSpoofer?

It is very easy to update iSpoofer app. Whenever ispoofer receives an update you just need to delete the app and install it again and follow the installation procedure.

Best iSpoofer Alternatives for Android

1. iPogo

iPogo is a third-party modification for the popular augmented reality mobile game “Pokémon GO”. iPogo offers features not present in the official Pokémon GO app, such as a joystick for virtual walking, auto-walking, enhanced map details, and other tools that may give users an advantage or change the intended gameplay experience. It is available for both Android and iOS.

2. PGsharp

PGsharp is one of the best Pokemon Go modded versions. It is only available for Android devices and paid version is also there. PGSharp incorporates features like a joystick for moving around the virtual map, auto-walking capabilities, and more, effectively allowing players to play the game without physically moving.

3. Pokemod

PokeMod is a modded version of the Pokémon GO game. Mods like these often provide additional features or functionalities not available in the official game version, such as enhanced tracking, joystick movement, auto-catching, and more. Players sometimes use these mods to gain advantages or experience the game in a different way. To use pokemod you need a rooted device and this app has both free and VIP versions.

Is iSpoofer Still Working in 2023?

Yes, iSpoofer is working in 2023. They relaunched themselves in August 2023. iSpoofer got sued by Niantic and Niantic won the case then had to shut down all the servers and the majority of the team left but now are back. Now, you can use ispoofer on your iOS device without any issues.

Is iSpoofer Safe in 2023?

Many users have reported getting 7 days ban for using iSpoofer. So, the iSpoofer team replied to one of the users that how they can save themselves from not getting banned.

Source iSpoofer’s X account: Niantic upgraded their security, Sadly There is nothing to do, if you don’t wanna get caught use only the joystick at 10-20KM per hour.

Is iSpoofer Legal to Use?

Obviously, iSpoofer is not legal; using this app can lead to an account ban. The legality of its use depends on your local laws and can have privacy and safety consequences. It’s essential to research and consider the consequences before using such tools.

Is iSpoofer Available for PC?

iSpoofer team posted on their X account that iSpoofer for PC is coming soon. You can spoof location on Pokemon Go using the official Pokemon Go app through iSpoofer PC.


Q1. Is iSpoofer free?

Ans. Yes, iSpoofer offers a free version.

Q2. Can I use iSpoofer on my iPad?

Ans. Absolutely! It’s compatible with most iOS devices.

Q3. How can I uninstall iSpoofer?

Ans. Just like any other app, press and hold its icon, and choose the uninstall option.


In summary, this guide has explored the fascinating world of iSpoofer on iOS devices. We’ve covered what iSpoofer is, its impressive features, how to install it for free, and the importance of keeping it updated. We’ve also provided screenshots and answered common FAQs about the app.

With iSpoofer, iOS users can enhance their mobile gaming experiences by unlocking new possibilities like teleportation and joystick control. We’ve encouraged responsible use and the sharing of exciting adventures with fellow enthusiasts.

If you have any queries or issues regarding iSpoofer & your thoughts in the comment section. We will try our best to answer in next 24 hours.

Happy gaming with iSpoofer!

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