Pokemon Dark Workship Cheat Codes 2023

In Pokémon, trainers are constantly on the lookout for ways to enhance their gaming experience. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting your journey, knowing the proper cheat codes can make a difference. In this article, we’ll look into the realm of Pokemon Dark Workshop Cheat Codes for 2023, unlocking hidden secrets and helping you power up your game. So, grab your Poke Balls, and let’s dive right in!

Dark Workship ROM Information

ROM NamePokemon Dark Workship
Based onPokemon Fire Red
LanguageEnglish & Portuguese
DeveloperAndre Freitas
Initial Release2023

List of Pokemon Dark Workship Cheat Codes

Rare Candy: 820258040044

Master Ball: 82025804000

Dream Mist: 82003884 0059

G Max Candy: 820257C4 0048

Metacross Cheat: 8202404C0190

509197D3 542975F4
78DA95DF 44018CB4
x999 Golden Bottle Cap:
820257C6 03E7
820257C4 0280
 x999 Bottle Cap:
820257C6 03E7
820257C4 027F
x999 Dino Fossil:
820257C6 03E7
820257C4 027D
x999 Drake Fossil:
820257C6 03E7
820257C4 027C
x999 Fish Fossil:
820257C6 03E7
820257C4 027B
x999 Bird Fossil:
820257C6 03E7
820257C4 027A
x999 PP Max:
820257C6 03E7
820257C4 0047
x999 Master Ball:
820257C6 03E7
820257C4 0001
x999 Rare Candy:
820257C6 03E7
820257C4 0044
Infinity XP:
74000130 027D 
7300218C 0001
82023D50 1388
Walk Through Walls (No Walls):
509197D3 542975F4,
78DA95DF 44018C4
Unlimited Money ($$$):
Shiny Pokemon:
1670047D 04815C68
18452A7D DDE55BCC
Max IV (100% IV):
4202424 DA03E7
000000 070002

#2 Max IV:
33007CF1 001F

Alternative Code:
B749822B CE9BFAC1
A86CDBA5 19BA49B3
E25F4B56 B9166862
D0E34D66 5796A7D3
Capture Rate:
87ACF659 707466DC
8BB602F7 8CEB681A

Pokemon Unlock Cheat Codes

Bulbasaur: 8202404C0001

Ivysaur: 8202404C0002

Venusaur: 8202404C0003

Charmendar: 8202404C0004

Charmeleon: 8202404C0005

Charizard: 8202404C0006

Squirtle: 8202404C0007

Wartortle: 8202404C0008

Blastoise: 8202404C0009

Articuno: 8202404C0090

Zapdos: 8202404C0091

Moltres: 8202404C0092

Dratini: 8202404C0093

Dragonair: 8202404C0094

Dragonite: 8202404C0095

Mewtwo: 8202404C0096

Mew: 8202404C0097

Chikorita: 8202404C0098

Cyndaquil: 8202404C0099

Meganium: 8202404C009A

Cyndaquil: 8202404C009B

Quilava: 8202404C009C

Typhlosion: 8202404C009D

Totodile: 8202404C009E

Croconaw: 8202404C009F

Feraligatr: 8202404C00A0

Elekid: 8202404C00EF

Magby: 8202404C00F0

Entai: 8202404C00F4

Raikou: 8202404C00F3

Suicine: 8202404C00F5

Larvitar: 8202404C00F6

Pupitar: 8202404C00F7

Tyranitar: 8202404C00F8

Lugia: 8202404C00F9

Celebi: 8202404C00FB

Ho-oh: 8202404C00FA

Treecko: 8202404C0115

Grovyle: 8202404C0116

Sceptile: 8202404C0117

Torchic: 8202404C0118

Combusken: 8202404C0119

Blaziken: 8202404C011A

Mudkip: 8202404C011B

Marshtomp: 8202404C011C

Swampet: 8202404C011D

Metagross: 8202404C0190

Salamence: 8202404C018D

Shelgon: 8202404C018C

Bagon: 8202404C018B

Regirock: 8202404C0191

Regice: 8202404C0192

Registeel: 8202404C0193

Kyogre: 8202404C0194

Rayquaza: 8202404C0196

Groudon: 8202404C0195

Latias: 8202404C0197

Latios: 8202404C0198

Deoxys: 8202404C019A

Jirachi: 8202404C0199

Uxie: 8202404C0215

Mesprit: 8202404C0216

Azelf: 8202404C0217

Dailga: 8202404C0218

Palkia: 8202404C0219

Darkrai: 8202404C0220

Heatran: 8202404C021A

Gallade: 8202404C0210

Regigigas: 8202404C021B

Giratina: 8202404C021C

Cresselia: 8202404C021D

Phionie: 8202404C021E

Manaphy: 8202404C021F

Shaymin: 8202404C0221

Arceus: 8202404C0222

Victini: 8202404C0223

Snivy: 8202404C0224

Servine: 8202404C0225

Serperior: 8202404C0226

Tepig: 8202404C0227

Pignite: 8202404C0228

Emboar: 8202404C0229

Oshawott: 8202404C022A

Dewott: 8202404C022B

Samurott: 8202404C022C

Kyurem: 8202404C02BB

Reshiram: 8202404C02B8

Zekrom: 8202404C02B9

Thundurus: 8202404C02B7

Tornadus: 8202404C02B6

Virizion: 8202404C02B5

Terrakion: 8202404C02B4

Cobalion: 8202404C02B4

Landorus: 8202404C02BA

Keldeo: 8202404C02BC

Meloetta: 8202404C02BD

Genesect: 8202404C02BE

Turtwig: 8202404C01B8

Grotle: 8202404C01B9

Torterra: 8202404C01BA

Chimchar: 8202404C01BB

Monferno: 8202404C01BC

Inferno: 8202404C01BD

Piplup: 8202404C01BE

Prinplup: 8202404C01BF

Empoleon: 8202404C01C0

Giratina (FLY): 8202404C02CE

Shymin Sky Form: 8202404C02CF

Meloetta: 8202404C02EA

Arceus Different Form

  • 8202404C02D1
  • 8202404C02D0
  • 8202404C02D2
  • 8202404C02D3
  • 8202404C02D4
  • 8202404C02D5
  • 8202404C02D6
  • 8202404C02D7
  • 8202404C02D8
  • 8202404C02D9
  • 8202404C02DA
  • 8202404C02DB
  • 8202404C02DC
  • 8202404C02DD
  • 8202404C02DE
  • 8202404C02DF

Zygarde Form

  • Zygarde Cell Form: 8202404C0343
  • Zygarde Core Form: 8202404C0344
  • Zygarde 10% Form: 8202404C0345
  • Zygarde Perfect Form: 8202404C0346


Ash Greninja: 8202404C0347

Mega Charizard X: 8202404C0366

Mega Charizard Y: 8202404C0367

Mega Blastoise: 8202404C0368

Mega Venusaur: 8202404C0365

Mega Mewtwo X: 8202404C0372

Mega Mewtwo Y: 8202404C0373

Mega Metagross: 8202404C038A

Mega Latias: 8202404C038B

Mega Latios: 8202404C038C

Primal Groudon: 8202404C038D

Primal Kyogroe: 8202404C038E

Mega Rayquaza: 8202404C038F

Mega Salamence: 8202404C0389

Mega Garchomp: 8202404C0391

Mega Lucario: 8202404C0392

Mega Abomasnow: 8202404C0393

Prime Dialga: 8202404C0397

Poipole: 8202404C0432

Nagandel: 8202404C0433

Stakataka: 8202404C0434

Blacephalon: 8202404C0435

Zeraora: 8202404C0436

Ultra Solgaleo: 8202404C0437

Ultra Lunala: 8202404C0438

Ultra Necrozma: 8202404C0439

Tapo koko: 8202404C03EA

Tapu lele: 8202404C03EB

Tapu Bulu: 8202404C03EC

Tapu fini: 8202404C03ED

Cosmog: 8202404C03EE

Cosmoem: 8202404C03EF

Solgaleo: 8202404C03F0

Lunala: 8202404C03F1

Nihilego: 8202404C03F2

Buzzwole: 8202404C03F3

Celesteela: 8202404C03F6

Kartana: 8202404C03F7

Guzzloard: 8202404C03F8

Necorozma: 8202404C03F9

Xurkitree: 8202404C03F5

Pheromosa: 8202404C03F4


Marshadow: 8202404C03FB

Dracozolt: 8202404C0494

Arctozolt: 8202404C0495

Dracovish: 8202404C0496

Arctovish: 8202404C0497

Duraludon: 8202404C0498

Zacian: 8202404C049C

Zamazenta: 8202404C049D

Eternatus: 8202404C049E

Kabfu: 8202404C049F

Urshifu: 8202404C04A0

Zarude: 8202404C04A1

Regieleki: 8202404C04A2

Regidrago: 8202404C04A3

Glastrier: 8202404C04A4

Spectrier: 8202404C04A5

Calyrex: 8202404C04A6

Cramorant Fish: 8202404C04A7

Cramorant Pikachu: 8202404C04A8

Scorbunny: 8202404C0451

Raboot: 8202404C0452

Sobble: 8202404C0454

Drizzle: 8202404C0455

Inteleon: 8202404C0456

Grookey: 8202404C044E

Thwackey: 8202404C044F

Rillaboom: 8202404C0450

Xerneas: 8202404C0338

Yveltal: 8202404C0339

Hoopa: 8202404C033C

Hoopa Unbound: 8202404C033D

Kyreum White: 8202404C02F1

Kyreum Black: 8202404C02F0

Zacian Crowned: 8202404C04B5

Zamazenta Crowned: 8202404C04B6

Eternatus Eternamax: 8202404C04B7

Galatian Articuno: 8202404C04C5

Galatian Zapdos: 8202404C04C6

Galatian Moltres: 8202404C04C7

Meltan: 8202404C043B

Melmetal: 8202404C043C


  • 8202404C041A
  • 8202404C041B
  • 8202404C041C
  • 8202404C041D
  • 8202404C041E
  • 8202404C041F
  • 8202404C0420
  • 8202404C0421
  • 8202404C0422
  • 8202404C0423
  • 8202404C0424
  • 8202404C0425
  • 8202404C0426
  • 8202404C0427
  • 8202404C0428
  • 8202404C0418
  • 8202404C0419
  • 8202404C04DE
  • 8202404C04DD


  • 8202404C043D
  • 8202404C043E
  • 8202404C043F
  • 8202404C0440
  • 8202404C0441
  • 8202404C0442
  • 8202404C0443
  • 8202404C0444
  • 8202404C0445
  • 8202404C0446
  • 8202404C0447
  • 8202404C0448
  • 8202404C0449
  • 8202404C044A
  • 8202404C044B
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Which Emulator is Best for applying Pokemon Dark Workship Cheat Codes?

My Boy! emulator is best for this Pokemon rom hack because these cheat codes are not defined whether it supports GameShark, Code Breaker or Raw Code. So, they have an auto-detection feature that automatically detects which cheat engine code is this.

One more thing which I liked in My Boy! Lite emulator is if you put the wrong cheat code they will let you that have entered the wrong cheat code.

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How to Enter Pokemon Dark Workship Cheat Codes?

  • Firstly, click on the three bar (Menu button). There you will see an option named “cheats”.
  • Now, click on the “+” sign and add a new cheat.
  • Enter “Cheat name”, leave the cheat type “Auto Detect” and enter the cheat code.
  • Congratulations! Your cheat is successfully activated.

How Do I Remove Cheat Codes if I No longer want to use them?

  • To disable cheat codes, revisit the “Cheat Codes” menu and deactivate the codes you’ve entered by unticking the box.
  • And the cheats will no longer be active in your game.


Q1. Are these cheat codes safe to use?

Ans. Yes, these cheat codes are safe to use in Pokemon Dark Workshop. However, exercise caution and use them responsibly to maintain the game’s balance and enjoy the experience.

Q2. Can I use these cheat codes on all platforms?

Ans. These cheat codes are primarily designed for emulators and game consoles. They may not work on every platform, so check compatibility before use.

Q3. Will using cheat codes affect my progress in the game?

Ans. Cheat codes can enhance your gameplay but may impact the game’s challenge. Use them wisely to strike a balance between fun and difficulty.

Q4. Where can I find more cheat codes for Pokemon Dark Workshop?

Ans. You can find additional cheat codes and resources in online Pokemon communities, forums, and fan websites dedicated to the game.

Final Words

Pokemon Dark Workshop Cheat Codes for 2023 open up a world of possibilities within the game. Whether you want to level up your Pokemon rapidly, catch legendary creatures with ease, or simply enjoy the game with some added bonuses, these cheat codes have got you covered. Remember to use them responsibly to maintain the excitement of your Pokemon journey.

We hope that you liked this content. If you want more articles like this then do let us know in the comment section.

Thank you!

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