Apps Like PGSharp | PGSharp Android & iOS Alternatives

Looking for alternatives to PGSharp? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! In this blog post, we’ll explore some top apps that you can use instead. Whether you’re an Android or iOS user, there’s something for everyone.

Let’s dive in and discover the best options for Pokémon GO spoofing!

Top PGSharp Alternative Apps for Android and iOS

There are several top alternative apps like PGSharp available for both Android and iOS devices, including iPogo, iSpoofer, SpooferX, SpooferPro and Pokemod.

1. iPogo

iPogo is a top spoofing app for Pokemon Go players. It works well on both iOS and Android devices. This app has many great features that make it popular in the Pokemon Go community.

Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to use and learn quickly. One of its best features is the shiny scanner which helps find rare creatures. iPogo has smart tools that make playing more fun and efficient, too.

For these reasons, many users prefer iPogo over PGSharp.

2. SpooferX

download and install spooferx on ios device

SpooferX is a top pick for those who use iOS devices. It is an iOS-only app that people can choose when they want an app like PGSharp. SpooferX stands out since it was made just for iOS users.

It is one of the spoofing apps that players of Pokémon GO love to use as it gives them more options while playing the game. It allows you to teleport or spoof your location in the Pokemon go game. However, you can walk in the same area. With this, you will be able to explore and locate new Pokemon. Moreover, you can get the rarest Pokemon as well. It is compatible with iOS and above.

3. SpooferPro

download and install spooferpro

SpooferPro is a top pick for players who want more PGSharp options. It offers cool features for iOS users. It has the features of a joystick and teleportation ability. Other than that, features such as IV previews, Modified Throw, Auto Walking and GPX, Fast Catch trick, live feed, and a map showing everything surrounding you. 

You can play the game from home and still catch all those rare Pokémon! Everything about SpooferPro is easy to use.

The SpooferPro can work on mobile phones also so you do not need to have a computer to operationalize the SpooferPro. With the addition of some new features, SpooferPro will help in enhancing your play.

4. iSpoofer


iSpoofer is a mod application of Pokemon Go. It allows players to virtually transport themselves to different locations in the world to catch rare Pokémon, participate in battles, and collect resources without physically moving. It offers many features like auto feed, shiny scanner, enhanced throw & many more. iSpoofer is only available for iOS devices and for PC it’s coming soon.

5. Pokemod

PokeMod: A third-party modification of the official Pokémon game, which offers features and conveniences not available in the original. Such features could include location spoofing, auto-walking, faster Pokémon spotting, or enhanced in-game controls.

This app requires a rooted phone and it has the most expensive VIP subscription of $7 among all the alternatives.

Which One Would I Prefer?

If you ask me the word Pokemon Go Modded app then there is no doubt in Pokemod, that this app’s subscription is expensive, and needs a rooted phone too. iPogo crashes a lot but it’s okay after 2-3 times starting up then works nicely. For iOS iSpoofer is the best app, cheap membership, is easy to install, has no unnecessary requirements and works smoothly. When I found iSpoofer I don’t prefer SpooferPro and SpooferX because it’s really difficult to install and has long installation procedure.


So there you have it – 5 amazing alternatives to PGSharp that will enhance your Pokémon GO experience. Happy gaming!

To sum up, apps like PGSharp add fun to the Pokemon Go game. These apps let players explore new spots easily. They also find Pokemon in the game quicker. All these make these apps popular among gamers.

Additionally, some of these alternatives even offer free QR code features, providing players with convenient access to in-game resources and exciting opportunities.

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