Is It Worth Getting Pokeball Plus in 2023?

In the world of Pokémon enthusiasts, the Pokeball Plus has generated significant buzz. This unique device promises an immersive experience for players of Pokémon games, serving as both a controller and a companion. But is it truly worth investing in? In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the features, functionality, and overall value of the Pokeball Plus.

What is the Pokeball Plus?

The Pokeball Plus is a compact device designed to enhance the Pokémon gaming experience. Resembling the iconic Pokeball from the series, it serves multiple purposes: as a controller for compatible Pokémon games and as a companion for interaction with Pokémon.

Features and Compatibility

Equipped with buttons, a control stick, and motion-sensing capabilities, the Pokeball Plus mimics a traditional controller’s functionality. It’s compatible with games on the Nintendo Switch, most notably the “Pokémon: Let’s Go” series. Its design offers a nostalgic feel, reminiscent of the first-generation games.

Using the Pokeball Plus as a Controller

The device’s motion controls add a layer of immersion to gameplay. You can simulate throwing a Pokeball by physically moving the device. While this can be engaging, some players find traditional controls more accurate, especially during intense battles.

Interactivity and Catching Pokémon

One of the Pokeball Plus’s standout features is its interactivity. It emits sounds and lights, indicating the presence of a Pokémon nearby. Players can “catch” Pokémon by pressing a button, experiencing haptic feedback akin to capturing a Pokémon in the main series games.

Pokeball Plus and Pokémon GO

The Pokeball Plus also functions as a companion for Pokémon GO players. It can spin PokeStops, collect items, and even automatically catch Pokémon, making it a convenient tool for those on the go.

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Benefits of the Pokeball Plus

The device offers a unique and nostalgic way to play Pokémon games. Its interactive nature and the ability to take a favorite Pokémon for a stroll are particularly appealing to fans of the series. It also adds an extra layer of challenge and excitement.

Drawbacks to Consider

Despite its merits, the Pokeball Plus has some downsides. Its motion controls can sometimes be imprecise, leading to frustration during critical moments. Additionally, its compatibility is limited to a few games, potentially limiting its long-term appeal.

Comparing with Traditional Controllers

While the Pokeball Plus offers a distinct experience, it’s essential to compare it with traditional controllers. For some players, the novelty wears off, and they prefer the precision and familiarity of a standard controller.

Pricing and Value

The Pokeball Plus comes at a higher price point compared to traditional controllers. Consumers need to consider whether its unique features justify the cost, especially for those primarily interested in standard gameplay.

User Reviews and Feedback

Opinions on the Pokeball Plus vary. Some users praise its innovation and immersive gameplay, while others express frustration with its controls. Checking user reviews and gathering feedback can help in making an informed decision.

Is It Worth Getting the Pokeball Plus?

Whether the Pokeball Plus is worth getting depends on personal preferences. If you value unique experiences, nostalgia, and interactive gameplay, it could be a valuable addition. However, if precise controls and broad game compatibility are paramount, you might find it less compelling.

According to the search results, opinions vary on whether the Pokeball Plus is worth getting. GamesRadar+ calls it a “must-buy for Pokemon fans,” while Trusted Reviews says it’s an “excellent way to experience Pokemon: Let’s Go.” However, Android Police suggests that it’s only worth the price if you play a lot of Pokemon Go and want a Mew in Sword and Shield. Ultimately, whether or not the Pokeball Plus is worth getting depends on individual preferences and usage.

Alternatives to the Pokeball Plus

For players seeking alternatives, several options provide similar functionality. Some third-party controllers offer motion controls, and traditional controllers remain reliable choices for most games.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of It

To maximize your Pokeball Plus experience, keep it charged, and utilize its features in compatible games. Taking advantage of its unique benefits ensures you’re getting your money’s worth.

Future Potential and Updates

As technology advances, the Pokeball Plus could receive updates or new features. Keeping an eye on potential developments might influence your decision.


In conclusion, the Pokeball Plus offers a distinctive and immersive way to experience Pokémon games. Its interactivity, motion controls, and companion features provide a fresh perspective on familiar gameplay. However, its value depends on your gaming preferences and willingness to adapt to its unique controls.

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  1. Can the Pokeball Plus be used with all Nintendo Switch games?
    The Pokeball Plus is compatible with specific games, primarily the “Pokémon: Let’s Go” series.
  2. Does the Pokeball Plus work as a standalone controller?
    While it functions as a controller for supported games, it may not be suitable for all gaming experiences due to its unique design.
  3. Can I use the Pokeball Plus exclusively for “Pokémon GO”?
    Yes, the Pokeball Plus can be used as a companion device for “Pokémon GO” gameplay.
  4. Is the Pokeball Plus suitable for competitive Pokémon battles?
    Due to its motion controls, the Pokeball Plus might not offer the precision needed for competitive battles.
  5. Can I connect multiple Pokeball Plus devices to one Nintendo Switch?
    Yes, you can connect multiple devices, but compatibility varies depending on the game.

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