iPOGO vs PGSharp: Which One is Best?

Many of you have a doubt about which pokemon go spoofer should you use on your Android phone. As you can not have both apps, ipogo and pgsharp at the same time on your device. So, which one should you download and install without wasting any time? Let’s discover it.

iPOGO Pros & Cons


  • UI
  • More free features than PGsharp in the free version
  • Available on both iOS & Android
  • Shiny scanner
  • The Pokemon Feeds section works great


  • Errors and Crashing
  • The cooldown timer doesn’t work
  • Map lacks some features

PGSharp Pros & Cons


  • Better User experience than ipogo
  • Cooldown Timer
  • Easy to use Auto walk
  • No crashing & errors
  • Map has a search button that allows you to search and teleport to your preferred place, in case you don’t have coordinates.


  • Don’t have a shiny scanner
  • The map doesn’t show Pokemon (in my case)
  • Only Android
  • It has some limitations in the Pokemon feed section.
  • Limited features in the Free version.

iPOGO vs PGSharp

Above we have mentioned the main things that are important and it will give you an idea about both apps. If you wanna know it in detail then you can start reading from here. Before you start reading let me tell you we are not comparing every feature of Pokemon spoofer. We are only discussing the major make-or-break deal features.

User Interface

iPogo has a great UI as compared to PGSharp. It’s a little bit easy to understand in ipogo because they have given a look but in pgsharp it seems they have made structure only.

iPogo: 1 point
PGSharp: 0 point


The map part is one of the major parts of both apps. Both apps have their own pros and cons.

Pokemon on the Map: If you look at the iPogo map you will able to see Pokemons on the map and click on that area you will be teleported there and catch that Pokemon but in my PGSharp I don’t see any Pokemon on the map and which I felt a little bad but anyways there are other ways to catch pokemon in pgsharp easily. If you wanna know this then let us know in the comment section.

Gym and Pokestop on the Map: Both the apps’ map shows gyms and poke stop properly. I have not faced any issues with that.

Things to Notice: PGSharp's map shows coordinates along with the cooldown time which is preety cool and you won't see this on ipogo.
iPogo: 1 point out of 2
PGSharp: 1 point out of 2

Shiny Scanner

The shiny scanner can make or break deals for some users. PGSharp doesn’t provide this feature first of all and the second thing is ipogo providing this feature for free. Finding shiny Pokemon takes a lot of time, patience and luck too. Here, a shiny scanner makes things easy, whenever you’re nearby a shiny Pokemon you will get a notification that “Shiny Pokemon_name Available”. So, you don’t have to click on every Pokemon to check out whether this one is shiny or not.

iPogo: 1 point
PGSharp: 0 point

Cooldown Timer

iPogo doesn’t show a cooldown timer which is not good as the cooldown timer plays vital for spoofer users and think that’s a glitch and it is not fixed by the ipogo developer till now. But PGSharp shows a cooldown timer nicely and if you want to teleport somewhere and you tap on the map then it will show you cooldown timings and coordinates as well and this is the best part I like in PGSharp.

iPogo: 0 point
PGSharp: 1 point


Both iPogo and PGSharp come at the same price, $4.99/month.



iPogo is available on both Android and iOS whereas PGSharp is available for Android only.

iPogo: 1 point
PGSharp: 0 point

Auto Walk

In PGSharp, it is easy to use the auto walk feature. You just need to define the route and the player will follow that path. But in iPogo you have to feed the GPX route file. I will always prefer PGSharp for auto walk, I don’t understand ipogo’s auto walk system.

iPogo: 0 point
PGSharp: 1 point


In iPogo you will see so many errors, glitches and app crashing. iPogo faces a login problem, app crashes 3 times at least before opening, cooldown timer doesn’t work. Whereas PGSharp gives a very smooth experience.

iPogo: 0 point
PGSharp: 1 point


Both apps have almost the same features at the same price. But iPogo’s auto walk feature is tough to use and in PGSharp there is no shiny scanner(Which can make or break things for some people).


User Experience

PGSharp gives a better experience while playing as compared to iPogo. I feel PGSharp UI is super smooth and I have shifted from iPogo to PGSharp. And a fun fact PGSharp has more users than iPogo.

iPogo: 0 point
PGSharp: 1 point

Score: iPogo got 4 points and PGSharp got 5 points.

Which One do I use Personally?

Initially, I was using iPogo because iPogo map helped a lot to catch new Pokemon whereas the PGSharp map doesn’t show any Pokemon. Later on, I shifted to PGSharp due to errors and the app crashing thing and iPogo was not showing any cooldown timer as well which was causing me problems. I m not fond of shiny Pokemon so, I easily gave up on iPogo. And to be honest I m enjoying PGSharp and really don’t want to switch back to iPogo but PGSharp doesn’t show any Pokemon on its map and I want to evolve my Pokemon and increase their CPs.

My Verdict: Which One is Best?

Both iPogo and PGSharp offer similar features at the same price and this makes it more difficult to choose anyone. PGSharp gives you a more smooth experience, you will not face any app crashing with no errors. But PGSharp offers very less features in the free version and in my case I don’t see any Pokemons on the map screen.

If you’re new to this game and you have iPhone then iPogo is for you as PGSharp doesn’t support ios, it is only for Android. I would suggest you try both apps for a while and then decide which should you go with.

We have already discussed everything in detail. I hope that has given you an idea about these apps and you will able to make the right decision. If you have any further questions do ask me in the comment section.

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  1. PGshrap has a shiny scanner and also shows the shiny skin of the Pokemon on the map. For a shiny scanner, you just have to set it up.


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