What is Shiny Scanner in Pokemon Go & How To Use?

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What is Shiny Scanner?

Shiny scanner is a feature that basically detects shiny Pokemon that are nearby. Whenever a shiny Pokemon pops up it will send you a notification “Shiny _Pokemon name_ found”. Tap on that Pokemon and catch it.

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How to Use Shiny Scanner?

  • To use shiny scanner you need iPogo app on your smartphone. iPogo supports both iOS and Android.
  • After installing iPogo on your device. Go to the iPogo setting and turn on the shiny scanner.
  • Now, if there will be any shiny scanner nearby you, this feature will let you know.

Is there any Difference between Shiny Pokemon Vs Normal Pokemon?

There are a few differences but not major ones. Let me describe one by one. Shiny Pokémon, also known as “shinies,” are extremely rare variations of regular Pokémon.

  • The most apparent difference between Shiny Pokémon and their normal counterparts is their appearance. Shiny Pokémon have an alternate colour palette, making them visually distinct from the standard versions. However, the change in colour is the primary noticeable difference, and the rest of the Pokémon’s attributes remain unchanged.

For example: Normal Charizard colour is orange but shiny ones have black color skin.

  • The odds of encountering a Shiny Pokémon in the wild or through breeding are exceedingly low, usually around 1 in 4,096 in the mainline Pokémon games, though this rate can be altered in special events or specific games. Due to their rarity, catching or obtaining a Shiny Pokémon is considered a remarkable achievement among Pokémon trainers and collectors.


Is there a shiny scanner in Pgsharp?

No, there is no shiny scanner in PGSharp. It was before but it seems the developer of PGsharp has removed this feature as of July 2023. There is only a “Block Non-Shiny” option.

Can you tell if a Pokémon will be shiny?

No, nobody can tell without tapping on the Pokemon that’s why people have made a “Shiny Scanner” feature.

Is there an app or website to find Shiny Pokémon?

Yes, there are a few apps and websites that do tell the coordinates of shiny Pokemon or send notifications when you’re nearby.

Shiny Scanner for iOS Device Available?

Yes, there are a few apps like Spooferpro, ipogo that have shiny scanner features.

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