How to Get 10km Eggs in Pokemon Go

In Pokemon Go, the surprising game modes will leave you awestruck. There is a mode in it where trainers can walk around while playing this game and will be able to find and hatch eggs. In these modes when you will start hatching eggs the game becomes more interesting. 

It feels really amazing when we find Pokemon in every single egg. Another fantastic thing can be when the trainer finds more eggs in the incubator. This can be different species of pokemon from normal creatures to rare ones with immense power.

This will make you able to roam around in the game. As a player, you will be capturing the other leaders and shaking them off of Team Go Rocket. The ultimate goal of achieving 10 Km eggs as rewards enhances curiosity. 

Setting a goal for 10km eggs in Pokemon Go is a very interesting task. This is pretty much harder as compared to other goals in the game. Because the trainer needs to cover a long distance to get 10 km of eggs and this happens very rarely. Here we are giving the step-wise guide for you to read and follow on how to get 10km eggs in Pokemon GO.

Steps to find and get 10 KM eggs in Pokemon Go

Pokemon 10km gets available by Spinning Way

The most simple and likely to-follow method is to spin Pokestops every time you get the opportunity. By this, the eggs will be hatched. Also, it may be removed from a bag of lower-level eggs. This will create space for 10km prizes.

Always be Hatching

We can’t cross the limit of a particular amount to attain eggs at one time. After getting stacked with 2km and 5 km eggs you can’t get the other 10km eggs.

Unique Pokestops

At the 10thPokestep the spin will be unique. This will boost the availability of awards. This only improves the lick to get 10km eggs in Pokemon Go.

Defeat Team Go, Rocket Member

The rocking way is to defeat the “boss” or some member of Team Go. This will give the benefit of getting a 10 km egg and will cover the available room in the inventory.

Special Chances

On the occasion of special themed or date-based time, Niantic drops 10km eggs and other rewards. Getting to participate in such events is a big time to get 10km eggs in Pokemon Go.

Keep on Travelling Journey to get 10km eggs in Pokemon GO

Moving and covering some distance continuously each day, will take you towards getting a 10 km reward. The requirement for completing a walk is 50km per week and 100 km.

What is the skunky trick for getting 10km eggs in PokemonGo?

I don’t think trainers will be able to go out and walk as long as 50 km. It will consume a lot of time and be feasible.

There is a modded app of pokemon go named iPoGo. This will let you change the current location and add a fake location to the game of your choice. You will also get a joystick that will help you to move in real-time.

Here we are writing the current Pokemon that can hatch 10km eggs in Pokemon GO. Let us share these with you.

Timburr, Klink, Darumaka, Audino, Emolga, Espurr, Mienfoo, Rufflet, Noibat, Goomy, Riolu, Axew.

These are egg pools and trainers can get a chance to find Pokemon in the wild. Timburr and Darumaka have the most chances and are incredible.

Trainers may find it hard to spin in rural areas. There should be a time of two hours between the repetition of two steps in the route of Pokemon. This wait for two hours will allow the Pokemon to go back to the original stop and perform the travel again. Here EveeNic’s data can be proven good to get the 10km eggs in support.


There are seven various types of Pokemon eggs. It depends on the type of our walk we are having to get the type of egg after getting hatched. After picking up the eggs we can figure out the type of the received Pokemon.

The 7 Pokemon Go eggs have 2km eggs along with green spots, 5km eggs with yellow spots, 5km eggs with purple spots, 7 km friend eggs that are yellow with pink spots, 10 km eggs with purple spots, and 12 km strange eggs with red spots.

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