A Short Guide to Instant Play Casinos: What You Need to Know

Online casinos have been booming for the last decade, and it looks like this trend won’t stop in the near future. With the increase in popularity, some changes began to take place on these sites. As a result, today, they can be divided into several categories.

Of course, the divisions depend on the factors that I consider. So, for example, there are so-called crypto casinos that are regular online casinos that accept cryptocurrencies.

Another category that we often come across is instant play casinos. 

Simply put, an instant play casino represents an online casino that players can access and use without downloading any software. It allows users to start playing slots, table games, live casino games, and other games right away directly from their web browser. Generally, instant play platforms are built to be compatible across various devices and interfaces, so that users can access all casino features instantly, on both mobile and desktop gadgets. 

Despite the convenience of instant play casinos, some might say that playing at regular online casinos, which require software downloads, is a better option. Therefore, it may be best to highlight the main functionalities of both options to arrive at a reasonable conclusion. So, let’s begin.

Why Instant Play Casinos are Better Than Download Casinos?

As noted, we disagree that download casinos are a better option for multiple reasons. First, instant-play casinos make your gaming experience way more convenient. There’s no need to wait to download files and install software on your device.

Even if you have a solid internet connection, downloading the file from the so-called ‘download casinos’ will probably take some time. In addition, the downloaded casino will take valuable storage space on your computer. On top of that, don’t forget that there will be updates, which will also need some of your internet bandwidth and your device’s storage space. This applies to both .apk and regular .exe files. 

With instant play casinos, you can start your online gambling journey instantly. All you have to do is visit the casino’s official site and start playing.

Furthermore, the download version has specific compatibility requirements. Some may require more RAM, while others ask for a particular operating system. These issues are virtually non-existent when it comes to the instant play version. The latter is compatible with almost all devices, including personal computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. 

This is possible because the web browser adapts to the capabilities of the device you use to visit and use the site. It is good to mention that you do not lose quality regarding the appearance of the games and the casino in general.

We should also highlight the number of games. It is common for instant-play casinos to have a much more extensive selection of games compared to the download version. This is because the games are not limited by the compatibility of the system you are using with the software.

Although it should be said that download casinos offer solid protection against hackers, their instant-play counterparts are far more secure. They are constantly updating encryption systems and firewalls. By doing so, they guarantee their players that they are safe.

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What Makes a Good Instant Play Casino?

We have seen that these online casinos are better than those that require software downloads, but it is worth pointing out that not all instant play casinos are the same. Of course, some of them are much better than the rest. So, let’s see what makes a casino like this good.

First of all, we would recommend that you stick to licensed sites. Casinos that are regulated and licensed promise a carefree experience. Simply put, when you play on such a platform, whether it’s licensed by the MGA, UKGC, or Curacao, you don’t have to think about whether someone will abuse your data or not fulfill something they promised.

Furthermore, the best instant play options have a great selection of games. These sites include hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of casino games. Not only that, but these titles come from top software providers with appropriate certificates, great graphics, and exciting features.

Of course, games do not belong to just one category, such as slots. The best platforms will allow you to try almost all types of games, like blackjack, roulette, baccarat, crash games, live dealer games, bingo, scratchcards, etc.

Let’s not forget that the bonuses and promotions available to you significantly affect your gaming experience. An excellent casino of this kind should have a variety of bonuses that cover the expectations of new players and the needs of existing ones.

Of course, to understand whether these offers are reasonable, a deeper analysis is needed that goes beyond the numbers published on casino banners. Good instant play casinos also have reasonable requirements that players must meet before claiming bonus payouts.

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Customer support is another factor that affects the success of an online casino. It’s smart to join a site that offers you multiple ways of communicating with their customer support, including live chat and email. Support agents should be available 24/7 and provide quick and accurate responses.

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