Download iPoGo Files for Android & iOS

We have made this download page separately so that you can download all the necessary files that you gonna need for installing iPogo app on your android or iOS.

We have already covered the installation guide and we will try to update all the files with the latest versions. All the uploaded files are 100% safe you can download them without any worry.

Current VersioniOS version: 3.2.2 (0.293.1)
Android version: 10.9 (0.293.1)
Required OS VersionAndroid: 8+
iOS: 14+
Required RAMAndroid: 4GB
iOS: 2GB
File SizeAPK: 141 MB
iOS: 114 MB
Root/Jailbreak RequiredNot necessary
Supporting Operating SystemAndroid & iOS (iPhone)

Download File for Android

Non-Rooted Phone

iPoGo For Rooted Device

(Firstly, download Pokemon Go from Playstore then download iPogo launcher)

Download File for iOS

Download iTunes for Windows

MacOS already have iTunes

Download Sideloadly

Installation Process